Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Feats

The holidays are upon us, Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is on, and the Human Male and I are packing up for the annual pilgrimage to New York. We've decided that instead of training or busing it, we're driving so we can take Alice along (in preparation for the Christmas pilgrimage to the Motherland, land of pugs, cats, and a chihuahua).

I'm trying to be prepared. Alice has her own bag, so far full of tennis balls, stuffed toys, treats, her sweaters and special Thanksgiving bandanna, and plastic bags. My camera's all juiced up to take her picture in every state.

But I'm expecting total disaster. She's great in the car, but we've never driven this far with her. And there will be many other dogs (and people) in the house-- Alice is not good with sharing her tennis balls or treats. And she steals food. Even the thought of being in someone else's house with her is a little scary.

Even so, I'm excited for her to meet some relatives and more members of the Urban Family. And she's been a lot easier than I anticipated her being since we got her, so I'm hoping I'm just overreacting.

Or the Human male's parents don't care if all the china in their cabinets gets broken.

Or that she doesn't jump on the table and eat the turkey.

Or at least not whole.

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