Friday, January 28, 2011

Good for an irreverent, slightly inappropriate smile.

I stumbled across a website today called  It’s an absolutely hilarious website about a guy (Joey) who’s concerned with pet overpopulation and has made it his mission to keep dogs and cats from having “the sex”.  I’ve been laughing at the posts for a good chunk of the evening.


In this video, Joey’s speaking with a “Catenese” expert to learn how to tell cats to abstain.



This is one of the tamer videos on the website.  Let me say now that they’re worth watching, but probably not suitable for work.  At least without headphones.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Puggle vs. Radio Waves.

Nearly three months ago, The Human Male and I got rid of the cable.  Honestly, I hardly miss it at all.  The only thing I wish we still had is the playback feature.  It didn’t occur to me how often I’d rewind the TV because I wasn’t listening until I noticed how often I automatically grabbed the clicker and tried to figure out why our DVR was broken.


As an alternative, we get our TV shows via the internet and use a digital rabbit-ear antenna for the major/local channels.  The internet works great.  The antenna’s okay—good enough for us not to go back to cable, but we’ve found that there are certain times and places in the house that take out some of our local stations.  Sometimes all it takes is moving your hand over an inch, other times you’re just not going to get that channel that particular night.


Tonight, Alice was acting up.  She jumped on our coffee table to lick our dinner plates, pounced on our heads, howled and swore in puggle-speak, and drooled stringily all over the arm of the couch.  So she went to her crate. 


And wouldn’t you know it, Alice sitting in her crate killed our TV reception.  It chopped it so badly that we finally changed the channel because it wasn’t going to improve as long as she was in there.


Now, I’m no physicist, but I’m pretty sure that her ability to take out radio waves has something to do with her curly tail.  How can something that silly not have some sort of magical power?  I drew a picture to demonstrate this fantastic phenomenon.


Puggle Tail Waves

Puggle, Chackhussell, Schnauzermin.

While looking for a picture of an pug-Italian greyhound mix to compare to Mr. Puggle’s post last night, I stumbled across a super adorable photo set on Martha Stewart’s Pet Website.  It consists of pictures of interesting dog mixes from a book called A Breed Apart by Amanda Jones, who's a pretty awesome canine photographer


And guess what?  It includes a puggle!   


I love the names Jones gives the dogs: Jackodauzer, Pit Bullet, Spanden, Borgi.  So fun!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kind People are Everywhere.

There are a lot of bastards in the world.  It’s just a fact.  And it’s super easy to let them get you down.  But every once in a while you hear a story about someone doing something so inexplicably kind that it really makes up for the jerks.


I read a story today about a family who had to put their dog to sleep.  Understandably, their four-year-old daughter was having a hard time with it, and so she decided to draw a picture and mail it to her dog Jack in Heaven.  She and her mom ran into their mail lady, and the girl gave her the letter.  The next day, another mail lady told them that they’d be getting some special mail soon.


A few days later, a postal supervisor showed up at their door with a package—from Jack in Heaven.  Inside was a letter written by Jack, a book called Dog Heaven, and a stuffed dog toy.  


Seriously—try to read that article without noticing how dusty the room is.  Can you believe how kind it was of those postal workers to put such effort into a gift like that?  They didn’t need to do that.  The first mail lady could’ve just thrown that letter out.  The workers didn’t need to put the box together and get the special book.  They didn’t need to deliver it.


But they did.  And in the process, they brought smiles not only to a family mourning a big loss, but to a lot of other people in the world.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Internet is Awesome!

Remember last year when I went berserk over Jake, the chug from the Puppy Bowl?  Oh my goodness, he was so cute!  I even looked up his rescue (All Star Pet Rescue) to see if he was still available for adoption.  He wasn’t—he’d already found his family.


A couple of weeks ago, I got a blog comment from Jake’s human.  Can you believe it?!  She says that he’s doing quite well and has a bro dog named Miles Kirby.  She also mentioned that Duncan, that adorable little beagle, was also doing well and has a great family. 


Getting that note absolutely made my day.  I’m so happy that they’re all doing well and very, very loved.  Thanks to Jake’s human for the wonderful update!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alice’s new BOYFRIEND!

The always fun L.A. Times Unleashed blog posted the keeee-yooooutest dog on their website today.  His name is Robinson and he’s up for adoption in L.A.  The first thought I had when I saw him was “It’s Alice’s new BOYFRIEND!”  She hasn’t shown too much interest in boy dogs since Rocco moved out, but I think she and Robinson have much in common.  Look at that perfect underbite!


If you have a mutt with an underbite-shaped hole in your life, he’s available for adoption at L.A. Animal Services’ South L.A. shelter.  He’s ID number #A1177355.  Someone, please bring him home!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Our local news had a great story tonight: iPad apps for cats.  They went over to the Washington Animal Rescue League to report on it.


Can you get over the little pouncing?!  And the reporting of their scores, ohhhhhhh, so precious!  This absolutely makes me want to adopt a cat.  Then buy and iPad.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Toys in the House: Bathroom Rope Bone.

One thing that I really love about having a dog is the unintentional comedy that comes from having one living in the house.  I love the interaction with toys.  Alice’s toys end up in the oddest places: a tennis ball shoved in the sofa cushions, a hedgehog in the kitchen, a Santa under the staircase.  You get used to having toys around, but every once in a while, I wonder why Alice dropped a toy there.  And how long it’s been there and I didn’t notice.

Today, I found her rope bone by the toilet.


I wish I knew why this was in here.  She does follow me into the bathroom; maybe she keeps it in here in case things get dull.