Monday, February 8, 2010


Animal Planet posted a great little video on Jake, the chug from yesterday's Puppy Bowl. You can see him run around like a hooligan. It was also announced that he won both MVP and Viewer's choice.

Yesterday I decided to check and see if he was still up for adoption (Puppy Bowl is filmed not to far from us), and it ends up that Jake and Duncan the beagle have both found their families (check out the link for some cute little pictures of them). Now THAT's a real win!

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laurenbeth171717 said...

Hi Alice! This is Jake's mom. No, you cannot eat Jake (or a chug). Jake's doing great by the way! And so is Duncan. Duncan is living with a wonderful family who loves him very much. And Jake is living with me and his canine brother Myles Kirby :)