Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A special announcement from Alice.

Alice would like you all to know that The Human Male has baked bread.

No really. He did.

It's over there.

You see it?

Alice would like some bread, please.

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I'm Mommy's Little Pooh ... Lainey said...

WOW YOUR DADDY BAKED HOW COOL!!!! did you ever get any of that bread?

I came over bearing a plate of cake! Wish it was real! We TOO have become couch potatoes ....we were just saying we need to go for a walk and see the deers! New sister Autumn has NOT seen the deer yet!

Have a good week and Heres TO SPRING!!!!!

Signed Lainey :O)

P.s. Mommy MADE me wear the hat NOT my idea!!!!!!