Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday.

Happy Sunday from a still VERY snowy NoVA!

The snow stopped around 5P last night. It's looking like the official total is 28" for our town. Our courtyard-- a protected area-- has 18.5". It's really nutty.

Our town looks wild. That's one of the fun things about a big snow-- with the giant piles, new monochromatic color scheme, sidewalks moved to wherever the snow gets packed down, and enhanced rugged terrain, your neighborhood feels new.

There were quite a few more people out today-- some of who seemed sick of being in the house, and some who realized the grocery store was opened and didn't have to live on pasta and mustard another day. Or maybe they heard that Caribou Coffee was opened and needed to get their fix (they had TWO employees this morning). Many people were out just taking pictures.

What's been fun about this is that people are making the best of it. There are snowmen and pick-up snowball fights all over the area, and people have been sledding down steep closed streets. Dupont Circle had a snowball fight yesterday that was so huge that it made the national news (and fortunately, no crazy cops pulled any guns this time). They just announced that the Federal Government will be closed tomorrow, and a lot of businesses close down when that happens. I expect more of the same tomorrow.

We woke up this morning with plans to go back to the Dog Park and spend some time playing in the snow, but today was colder than yesterday and Alice couldn't handle it. She made it about ten feet from the door and two of her feet cramped up. Alice is also thoroughly confused as to where she's supposed to go when she's outside-- all of her normal spots are buried in snow that comes to her eyes.

The poor girl's been asking for more reassuring snuggles than usual.

On the upside, there's been plenty of time for that. This afternoon we watched one of the best things about Super Bowl Sunday: the Puppy Bowl.

I'm all for holidays that revolve around food, but I couldn't care less about football, and I'm finding that I'm actually turned off by the idea of the Super Bowl this year. But the Puppy Bowl is so cute. If you haven't seen it before, what they do is they stick puppies--all from shelters and rescues-- on a little football field and watch them play. An announcer does play-by-play commentary, there are bunny cheerleaders and hamsters that ride in a blimp over the field, water bowls on the field with cameras in the bottom (so you can see them drinking), and a 10-minute kitten half-time show, where kittens come out on a little stage and play with toys and have confetti dropped on them. There's even a viewer's choice vote for favorite puppy.

The Puppy Bowl is so ridiculous, but it's such a cute, sweet way to counteract the excess and showiness of the Super Bowl. I thoroughly enjoyed snuggling with my puggle on the couch and watching it this year.

One of the players was particularly cute this year. His name is Jake, and he's a chug-- half chihuahua, half pug. Oh, he's so precious! He got the pug rips while he was on the field.

I am so in love with him. Is it just me, or does pug mix really well with every breed?

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