Monday, January 24, 2011

Kind People are Everywhere.

There are a lot of bastards in the world.  It’s just a fact.  And it’s super easy to let them get you down.  But every once in a while you hear a story about someone doing something so inexplicably kind that it really makes up for the jerks.


I read a story today about a family who had to put their dog to sleep.  Understandably, their four-year-old daughter was having a hard time with it, and so she decided to draw a picture and mail it to her dog Jack in Heaven.  She and her mom ran into their mail lady, and the girl gave her the letter.  The next day, another mail lady told them that they’d be getting some special mail soon.


A few days later, a postal supervisor showed up at their door with a package—from Jack in Heaven.  Inside was a letter written by Jack, a book called Dog Heaven, and a stuffed dog toy.  


Seriously—try to read that article without noticing how dusty the room is.  Can you believe how kind it was of those postal workers to put such effort into a gift like that?  They didn’t need to do that.  The first mail lady could’ve just thrown that letter out.  The workers didn’t need to put the box together and get the special book.  They didn’t need to deliver it.


But they did.  And in the process, they brought smiles not only to a family mourning a big loss, but to a lot of other people in the world.