Friday, January 28, 2011

Good for an irreverent, slightly inappropriate smile.

I stumbled across a website today called  It’s an absolutely hilarious website about a guy (Joey) who’s concerned with pet overpopulation and has made it his mission to keep dogs and cats from having “the sex”.  I’ve been laughing at the posts for a good chunk of the evening.


In this video, Joey’s speaking with a “Catenese” expert to learn how to tell cats to abstain.



This is one of the tamer videos on the website.  Let me say now that they’re worth watching, but probably not suitable for work.  At least without headphones.



Mr. Puggle® said...

freakin' crazy guy. very funny!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Sorry I couldn't figure out how to reach you other than to comment on this post, but I wanted to follow up with you about Berdina, the lost dog you posted about on 5/14/09. Well, Berdina was found and returned to her foster dad, who subseqently adopted her(almost a year to the day from when she went missing). They lived happily together until last week, when her owner died suddenly and much too young. It was Berdina's constant barking that alerted the neighbors that something was wrong. Now she is back at WARL and desperate to find a new home or foster. She is miserable at the shelter and did not do well the last time she was at the shelter. The blog that we set up for the search ( will be updated shortly with this new development. Could you spread the word about Berdina to people you know? People interested in adopting her or fostering her can contact Mary Jarvis at WARL ( Berdina is hoping for another happy ending!

Alice's Human Female said...

OF COURSE! I'm happy to help Berdina in any way I can. I contacted Mary and let her know. Working on a posting now!