Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Puggle vs. Radio Waves.

Nearly three months ago, The Human Male and I got rid of the cable.  Honestly, I hardly miss it at all.  The only thing I wish we still had is the playback feature.  It didn’t occur to me how often I’d rewind the TV because I wasn’t listening until I noticed how often I automatically grabbed the clicker and tried to figure out why our DVR was broken.


As an alternative, we get our TV shows via the internet and use a digital rabbit-ear antenna for the major/local channels.  The internet works great.  The antenna’s okay—good enough for us not to go back to cable, but we’ve found that there are certain times and places in the house that take out some of our local stations.  Sometimes all it takes is moving your hand over an inch, other times you’re just not going to get that channel that particular night.


Tonight, Alice was acting up.  She jumped on our coffee table to lick our dinner plates, pounced on our heads, howled and swore in puggle-speak, and drooled stringily all over the arm of the couch.  So she went to her crate. 


And wouldn’t you know it, Alice sitting in her crate killed our TV reception.  It chopped it so badly that we finally changed the channel because it wasn’t going to improve as long as she was in there.


Now, I’m no physicist, but I’m pretty sure that her ability to take out radio waves has something to do with her curly tail.  How can something that silly not have some sort of magical power?  I drew a picture to demonstrate this fantastic phenomenon.


Puggle Tail Waves


$-Money said...

This is clearly the only explanation. P.S. That is the GREATEST drawing I have ever seen. I kind of want a poster-sized copy for my office.

Mr. Puggle® said...

ahahhahah. that is a great picture! i think i need to add that to Alice's aisle. at first i thought you were going to say alice was farting in her crate and that was a picture of the farts coming out, causing you to see stars.