Friday, August 14, 2009

The Chair Monster

So I have this green chair. It's probably circling around 25 years old at this point. I don't know what it is about this chair, it doesn't even match anything in the house, but I love it. It's sturdy, comfy, and still looks pretty good for something made in the 80s.

And for some reason, all animals love this chair, too. Every cat we've ever owned has done time underneath it. Lucy, my brother's cat, did one better-- about ten or so years ago, she ripped the lining in the bottom and made it a secret bi-level cat lair between it and the springs. I can't tell you how many hours we spent searching for her before we realized that the lining was hanging a little low.

Since that time (i.e., when we got Emmie and she joined in on the fun), the liner has ripped out. So now there's a good eleven-inch high space underneath the chair. So if you can fit through the four-inch high gap, then you have a special hiding place.

So, guess who can collapse small enough to get into this spot?


Nibbles Treats said...

Lot it! What a great spot to be Alice. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of treats,
Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Ariel said...

Awe! Alice that looks like a Barking Great time to me! Fun to play under.
Licks & Wags, Areil <3

Mr. Puggle said...

dang alice, you are agile!

loved the bi level cat lair line. hahahaha

mamala said...

Lucy just saw the video and wants to know if Alice found her catnip mouse?