Thursday, December 4, 2008

America's Next Top Puggle

I picked up the mail today and our building's newsletter was in it. And guess what? Alice was voted Pet of the Month! I won't be near a scanner until Monday, so I took a picture of her write-up instead.

Here's what the text says:

Meet Alice. She's a 2-year-old pug-beagle hybrid who was born to rock the fashion world. As you can see from this picture, she has a knack for accessorizing her super chic sweaters with stylish hats. Just wait, you'll see all the celebrities copying her style soon! When not jet-setting to the fashion houses of Paris and Milan, Alice enjoys spending time at the dog park, chasing balls and running with the big dogs, and at home, lounging around in her humans' white chairs. She maintains her girlish figure by eating snacks-- and LOTS of them. The next time you see Alice strutting around the complex, stop her and say hello. She loves meeting new fans!

Needless to say, Alice is very excited to have been awarded such an esteemed title. Right now she's primping to go have some kibble with Miss Jay.

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