Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let the holiday season begin.

We took some pictures of Alice while we were on the road for Thanksgiving. Here she is in what she now claims as her yard in the PK, New York:

Here's Alice with her new friend Brodie and her precious Santa rug. Her claim on it started a small turf war on Sunday.

On your way out of the PK, you have to cross the Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge. Apparently the bridge has been dedicated to a couple of different people in the past. I asked the Human Male if you had to be either dead or a President to have the bridge named after you, and he said no. So I'm now starting a campaign to have it renamed the Lady Alice McFurpants Mid-Hudson Bridge.

Here's Alice in Jersey:

...in Jersey:


Here she is on the Lady Alice McFurpants Delaware Bridge:

And in Maryland:

Once we got home, Alice jumped into bed. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and got a new bedspread a week ago. It's black with white filigree on it. Otherwise known as Alice camouflage. She now hides on the bed in the dark and chews on things she's not supposed to have.

Today, she got into the holiday spirit by eating a Christmas card from the Red Cross.

Alice is now thinking supporting non-profits is a tasty activity.

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