Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Stuff for Friday.

Friday snuck up on me this week! Guess that's a good thing, right? I'm actually not sure if anything notable happened this week. The world didn't end, so that's a plus. Though it's barely 8A now, so maybe cautious optimism is in order for a little while longer.

I have three good things for the week:

1. Alice returned to normal. Occasionally, Alice goes a few days without eating much. She acts totally normal energy-wise, but gets super clingy. She's been doing this since we got her, so we figure it's one of those rescue dog quirks. Alice was like this for a couple of days, and then started eating everything. EVERYTHING. She tore through half a bag of food in less than a week-- typically that's about 2+ weeks' worth. She wouldn't stop eating. And because she was eating so much food, she was drinking a ton, too. And she was being obnoxious. While debating on if we should take her to the vet or not, we spent time on the couch snuggling her and giving her a lot of attention. Wouldn't you know it, the next day she was back to her old self. Sometimes dogs are really easy.

2. Alice kisses us at night. I'm adjusting to the time change a bit slowly. Monday night, I crashed out around 8:45. So we decided to just give in and go to bed early. The Human Male was up a bit (or maybe a lot) later, and discovered that Alice gets up at night, gives us each a kiss on the face, and goes back under the covers. I've woken up with her around my head before, but I just figured she was jumping on our heads. Nope, she gives us kisses and goes to bed. Just when you think your dog couldn't get any cuter, they do.

3. My favorite news story of the week. The Lantana, Florida Post Office is in jeopardy of being closed. To protest, around 1,000 residents mailed coconuts to the Postmaster General here in DC. No packaging, just coconuts-- with little notes stuck on them. Overwhelmed by what to do with so many coconuts, the office called up a local organization called Bread for the City, which provides a host of services for DC's low-income and homeless residents. The coconuts are now going into the grocery bags for their clients this week. There's no part of that story that doesn't make me smile. Lantana's folks are a very funny, creative bunch (plus they have a Barefoot Mailman-- I'm soooo moving), and now their work is helping others. I hope their plan works and their post office stays open!

Your turn-- share your good things for the week!


Mr. Puggle said...

oh my, friday already? i am not done with all my "stuff?" guess it will wait til monday.

my happy thing is the puggle calendar got on line and will hopefully raise a few bucks for the shelter.

thanks alice for represtin' the underbite smile that makes puggles extra cute!

so sweet she kisses her humans. her way of showing gratitude i guess. "thank you mommy and daddy for the new green fluffy blanket and new rug" LICK

have a great week end.

Ariel said...

Aww! Alice you are such a Sweet dog giving human Mommy and Daddy kisses while they sleep. I love my human Granny and human Papa much too. I can't wait to see your pic in the calendar.
WooHoo! <3
Thanks for caring about me Alice! I was not too hot in my costume at the Doggy Halloween party cuz it is really cold in Chicago IL most Octobers. Have a Barking Great weekend. Love the new profile pic. I forgot to mention that before...Snicker, Snicker!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3