Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Dane + Basset Hound = Buttercup!

Last weekend The Human Male and I stopped by PetSmart while we were out running errands. We saw them setting up pens outside for a rescue group and wanted to see who was there.

The group was called Homeward Bound, and they were up in DC all the way from Ellijay, Georgia. I'm still shocked they traveled that far, but truthfully, after seeing the dogs, it doesn't surprise me why they were here.

As pretentious and image-conscious as DC is, foufee dogs are the exception. Lots of people get theirs from shelters, and it's common to see odd mixes and less than mint-condition pooches. It's honestly one of the few situations where character matters in this town. The Homeward Bound dogs were not going to be winning any beauty contests, but we spent a good amount of time with each, and it was clear that any one of those sweet dogs were going to make a great pet. These were happy, kind-hearted dogs. I'm so thankful that they ended up with a rescue.

There was one there that was truly unique-- Buttercup. They think Buttercup's a Great Dane-Basset Hound mix. I'll give you a minute to wrap your head around that...

...No luck? Okay, imagine a Basset Hound on steroids-- half again as high, half again as long. Then stick a Great Dane head on it. Buttercup!

Still having a hard time? All right, here are some pictures of her.

I wish there was something near her to give some reference on her size. She was enormous. And low to the ground. And an absolute doll. I love that second picture-- that was the dog that we saw.

If you're near Ellijay, or if you have a Great Dane-Basset Hound-shaped hole in your life, I strongly encourage taking a look at Buttercup and the other available pets at Homeward Bound. I'm sure you'll find a great new family member!

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Ariel said...

Thanks for sharing Alice.... <3
Poor pups hope this find forever home. Human Granny keeps telling people to adopt and not buy.
Have a Bless Sunday Alice.
Licks and Wags, Areil <3