Sunday, August 1, 2010

A different kind of Dog Run.

The Human Male and I went to the grocery store yesterday and found something very cool: the September 2010 issue of Runner's World has a huge section on running with your dog!  

The cover is actually a pull-out with a number of dogs running on it.  It's precious and cute-- they all look so happy.  The pictures of runners and their dogs in the magazine are quite sweet, too.  The articles range from a story about finding a stray dog that loved to run, the debate of on- and off-leash running (a very large, passionate debate), the best running gear for dogs and their humans, and suggested breeds for the distance you like to run.

I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago that Alice ran her first official 5K race, a fundraiser for the National Capital Region Red Cross Chapter.  I'm hoping to post something on it in the next couple of weeks so I won't go into it too much now, but I absolutely agree with their assessment that beagle (-ish type)s are good for shorter, faster distances (like a 5-10K).  Being a puggle, I don't really want to test if she can go any farther than a 5K (3.1 miles), but she ran it like a champ.  She also speeds up my mile time like mad-- easily 45-60+ seconds less than I run on my own.  I love running with her, and I'm looking forward to doing more races.

It doesn't look like the articles are online just yet (considering it's the September issue and it's barely even August), but I'll post a link if it goes up.  And if you like running with your dog, I do recommend checking it out.    

Do you run with your dog, puggle or otherwise?  Have any suggestions on good gear?


Ariel said...

Me and my humans walk a lot! We are doing our yearly walk around the pond for Senior FurFriends. The 'Mutt Mosley' group are raising money to build a Rescue for Seniors. We are taking donations on our blog page. Thanks for sharing the story.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

mamala said...

yes, I run with my dogs, every time the phone rings! ;-D