Friday, August 20, 2010

Memphis needs a home!

When I'm in a bad mood, I like to look at the dogs up for adoption at my local shelters.  Without fail, it always gives me a smile.

Yesterday I was in quite a snit, so I looked at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington's Website and found this little ray of sunshine:

This gorgeous girl's name is Memphis, and she's a pit bull mix (shelter ID A032386).  She's four years old and really tiny-- just 29 lbs.

Here's AWLA's write-up on her:

Memphis is an energetic, confident, and happy girl. She is pretty easygoing and tolerant, nothing really seems to bother her. While she is pretty laid back she does come alive for toys. She gets super excited in play and chases toys, shakes 'em, and doesn't like to give 'em up unless you have another one to offer. Toys should always be used in play, because if not available she may use your arm as the next best thing. If you want to adopt her, you will have to buy her a nice, fluffy dog bed as she couldn't get enough of the one in the evaluation room - cuddling and rolling around in it. 

Memphis will need a firm, confident and consistent owner to provide rules and boundaries in her new home. If owner does not take charge, she may not hesitate to do so. Pit Bulls are generally not for first time dog owners. We look for experienced, no-nonsense responsible dog owners only who have owned their own dogs as adults. If you do not meet this requirement, we may direct you to adopt a different dog. She will do best in a home with children over 8 yrs. old.

Look at that sweet face and her neat eyes!  And check out the gorgeous new picture they posted of her today.  Those ears are priceless!  If my building allowed pit bulls, she'd be home right now.  I am madly in love with her.  I desperately want her to find a good home.

If you live in Arlington County, VA or have exceptional experience with pit bulls in other parts of Virginia, DC, or Maryland (or even know of a great rescue that could be a stopping point to her forever home) and have a Memphis-shaped hole in your life, please please PLEASE call the Animal Welfare League of Arlington at 703-931-9241.

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Ariel said...

Awww! Great luck to her! <3