Monday, December 13, 2010

Pouty Puggle.

My good friend $-Money was in town for a work training last week and stayed with us.  The Human Male and I absolutely loved having her here.  I think our excitement, though, was eclipsed by Alice’s.

Alice is pretty good with people, but sometimes she finds someone that she looooooves.  When she sits on your lap and gives you kisses, that means that you two are married.

Well, Alice and $-Money committed themselves as one last week.  Alice snuggled up with her, took naps with her, and had no problem stealing her food.  Big time love.

$-Money went home yesterday, much to all our chagrin.  Alice was very unhappy.  She looked around the house with her pouty face, then jumped on $-Money’s deflated air mattress, clearly waiting for her to come back.

Alice pout

It’s kind of sad, but her indignant little pout (and glowy little Jawa eyes) is way too funny to take seriously.

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$-Money said...

Oh, I miss you all! Honestly, even though I'm happy to be back with $O and the demon cats, I do miss Alice and her people very much.

Thank you for an amazing time!