Monday, May 25, 2009

Studs Without Pugs: Happy Memorial Day!

Before I moved to DC, I don't think I ever actually saw Memorial Day for what it really is. Sure, I appreciated the sacrifice of our soldiers and their families, but I saw Memorial Day more as a day off from school or work, or every few years, my birthday.

It wasn't until I moved here, with the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery in my neighborhood and the great men and women in the service we come in contact with every day, that I really started to see what it means to be in the military: how dedicated and tenacious soldiers truly are; the determined and stalwart strength of military families; how difficult it must be to manage daily life on top of the stress and strain of military duties; how more absolutely, positively needs to be done to keep our troops safe and to take care of them once they get back home. Memorial Day's no longer just a good day for barbecues and free parking.

A year ago today, I had one of the best nights of my life. I went to New York City and met up with my Urban Family for a surprise bachelorette party for my friend $-Money. And if you know about Manhattan or the military during this time of year, you'll know it's Fleet Week.

I won't discuss anything that occurred that night, but I will say two things: one, it's BETTER than everyone says it is; and two, we spent a ton of money on a pack of Marines to show them just how much we appreciate their service. They were so wonderful and we had the greatest time.

So on this Memorial Day, I'm going to say THANK YOU to the troops the best way I know how: by showing you some hot Navy Sailors.

My HLP Miss Heather is the best. I completely stole this from her site.

Let me just say, I've yet to see any type of military personnel that isn't smoking hot. I'm beginning to think it's an eligibility requirement.

God bless America.


Mr. Puggle said...

so glad you feel the spirit of the holiday. i served. my husband. my son. my dad, his dad, and his dad's dad. so we are a way patriotic family!

d.c. must be amazing right now. it you really want to "feel" it watch the annual memorial concert on PBS. celebrity actors reenact real stories of service members. it'll get REAL dusty in your house real fast.

jennifer-the lady that feeds mr. p

ps. btw, i am not an alice stalker. i have just had the internet on all day today working on line. i had mr. puggle's website open and i can see the latest posts from the blogs i follow. i think i posted three times today on her blog.

Alice's Human Female said...

Ha-ha, I love your comments! Please feel free to leave as many as you want. :)

The feeling down here is interesting, but in a good way. Being a transplant city, a lot of people are out of town, so it's pretty quiet and somber. TONS of flags. I really wish everyone could witness this-- you get a totally different view of what it means to be an American. I became far more patriotic after my first Fourth of July here.

The thing I particularly love are all the motorcyclists. Rolling Thunder was this weekend, and we get a lot of bikers in our neighborhood during mealtimes. I just love them-- they can look so tough, but you know they have hearts of gold and any one of them would give you the shirt off their back.