Monday, May 11, 2009

Kinkaju, Jigglypuff, Alice.

While searching for a picture for Mr. Puggle's contest, I've been going through a lot of Alice photos. It's pretty fun to see how much she's changed since we got her in September. And all the things she's done. And all the trouble she's gotten into.

Every few weeks, I find a new favorite picture. This week, I'm obsessed with this one:

I know it's a blurry phone picture, but I just love it. Look at the glowing googly eyes! Look at the little teeth! Look at the tail! She just looks so funny-- like a goofy, tiny little cartoon character.

I can't remember exactly what she was doing when I took the picture, but I do remember she was getting into trouble.

Of course, she's a puggle-- that was a given.

1 comment:

Mr. Puggle said...

i like how the feet in the background match hers. same angle.