Monday, May 4, 2009

Alice likes pizza AND would marry one.

Do you recognize this place?

Hmm. How about now?

No? How about if I give you this clue?

Your need for dry skivvs courtesy of the Baltimore Sun.

...And now we're all freaked out.

Yes, the steps from The Exorcist are in Georgetown, tucked away in the corner of a parking lot next to an inconspicuous gas station (which on Saturday made coffee worse than any I’ve ever made—and I’ve won acclaim for my wretched coffee skills).

They’re completely easy to miss, unless a local points them out to you.

And yes, they are referred to as "The Exorcist Steps".

I think a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with them. I had some uppity Georgetown girl roll her eyes at me the first time I was there because I was excited to have made it to the top of them. And I’m sure the gas station guys would prefer that you bought some gas or wretched coffee if you’re going to park in their spots. But they do bring a lot of attention from tourists, many people use them for workouts (there used to be a workout routine—called "The Exorcist Workout"—written near the bottom in marker on one of the steps, where people would write in their best times, but it looks like it was sandblasted away), and I’ve even seen a fundraiser take place there, where people donated a dollar to have a slinky race from the top of the steps.

To continue her trend of having her photo taken in front of landmarks, The Human Male and I brought Alice over there to take pictures Saturday morning.

This picture cracks us up—it looks like she’s guarding the steps!*

Since we were there and Alice is a runner, we decided to have her do her own little Exorcist Workout.

Here she is running up:

And here she is running down:

Let me tell you, it’s incredibly difficult trying to run up a wicked steep staircase with an excited little dog and film it at the same time. Going down was marginally easier.

Alice’s time up and down, by the way, was 61 seconds. And that was dragging me along! We celebrated with treats from Georgetown Cupcakes. This was the first time we've gotten in. Georgetown Cupcakes always has a line, but we got there a few minutes before it opened and only had to wait about five minutes to get in.

The cupcakes lived up to the hype. Alice agreed she thought my coconut one was delicious.

*By the way, I should mention that the guy in the yellow shirt doing The Exorcist Workout was AWESOME. So incredibly friendly, and didn't mind at all that we got in his way.


Nibbles Treats said...

Cue the scary music... Freaky!!!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mr. Puggle said...

i love the pictures you take bc alice looks so tiny. it looks like you photo shopped her in.

great stair workout.