Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The BowWowPowWow.

We're going through an endless cold and rainy spell here in DC, so I thought I'd write about something we did when it was warm and good hair was attainable.

A week ago last Sunday, Alice, The Human Male, and I went to the BowWowPowWow in the DC neighborhood of Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan is a funky, fun little part of town on the Northwest side, so we had hopes for a fun afternoon.

All week, we'd been watching the weather report. DC's weather has been less than agreeable lately-- nice weekends in the 60s, followed by a full week of rain in the 40s. So we were pretty excited about the report: mid-80s with a chance of scattered thunderstorms.

I walked over to the grocery to buy stuff to make pancakes, and it was gorgeous outside-- low-60s and bright blue skies at 8A. Perfect light pants and sweatshirt weather. By the time I walked back, I was actually sweating. I had a feeling that it might be a pretty hot day.

By the time we got over to Adams Morgan, it was 94, and still not a single cloud in sight. We learned that, while Alice enjoys all sorts of tropical foods, she'll tolerate the heat but doesn't enjoy it too much.

We didn't stay too long, but it was quite fun. There were about 30 vendors, ranging from non-pet jewelry makers, Pet Head, vets, pet websites, Fur-Get Me Not (Alice's dog school) and the Washington Humane Society. All of the vendors who brought their dogs had built little shaded areas for them under their tables. The only dog we saw that was enjoying the weather was a cheery little baby pit bull-- I'm not sure anything would've phased her happiness.

Alice thought Fur-Get Me Not's water dish was the best.

All in all, it was a good time. And I love the fact that Adams Morgan Mainstreet Group put that much effort into a pet event. I'm sure we'd go back next year-- barring triple-digit weather.


Nibbles Treats said...

Looks like a nice time. The heat sure beats snow on the ground and frigid temps.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Life With Dogs said...

Looks like a blast. I miss DC in the spring, thanks for giving me a refresher!