Monday, May 9, 2011

Alice’s Celebrity Boyfriend.

A few months ago, The Human Male and I started watching the show Veronica Mars, which is about a teenage detective with a bad attitude—picture Nancy Drew with a taser.  It first came on in 2004 and lasted three seasons.  Such a shame, it’s an absolutely fantastic show and ended with sooooo many loose ends!  But I guess that’s the best way to end a show—solid with a ton of potential, rather than to wear out its welcome.


On the show, Veronica has a dog named Back-Up, a burly brown pit bull.  He’s super adorable, and we always got excited when he was in an episode. 


A couple months back, I put on an episode and it featured Back-Up pretty substantially at the beginning.  A few minutes in, I noticed that Alice was pulling her bed and toys into a pile in front of the TV.  She then flopped down in the pile and stared at the screen.  She was actually watching the show!


I had a good laugh at the time, and The Human Male and I still sometimes tease Alice about her celebrity boyfriend—but we figured it was a once-off thing.  Then we popped on Veronica Mars again about a week ago, and sure enough, she jumped on the couch and started watching again!


Does your dog watch TV?  Have any favorite shows?

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