Sunday, May 8, 2011

Military Dogs.

So it’s been a momentous week for the U.S., huh?  Let me tell you, Monday was quite an interesting day in our neck of the woods—especially heading into our train stop, the Pentagon. 


Later in the week, reports started coming out that a dog might’ve been involved with the operation to get bin Laden.  The last thing I’d heard (it’s been a few days since I’ve searched, though) was that it wasn’t confirmed, but that it was completely within the realm of possibility.


I’ve mentioned my love of the Pentagon’s bomb dogs before, and it’s made me quite happy how much attention’s been paid to military dogs this week.  They’re really hard-working and play such an important role in security.  Plus you can tell that they really enjoy having jobs.


I stumbled across a great photo essay called War Dog on the Foreign Policy Website, which has fantastic pictures of military dogs at work.  It’s really moving, and it makes you really proud of our four-legged soldiers. 


Belly rubs all around!


(Not to be outdone, Slate put together a very funny slideshow called The Cats of War.  Quite entertaining.)

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