Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shelter for the Scarred.

With Michael Vick's recent release from his prison sentence and the NFL's decision to reinstate him yesterday, there's been a lot of discussion of forgiveness. Do you forgive someone who's paid for their crimes? Do you deny them the chance to earn a living? What would the dogs do, and should their lead be followed?

I wish there was a clear-cut answer. My feeling is that if someone really sees the error of their ways and wants to change, they should be allowed a second chance. But I have reservations believing that he understands what he did and if he's changed his ways, and don't think it's right that he should get to go back to working his multi-million dollar career when so many good people who would never consider thinking about what he did (let alone actually do it) are counting pennies. At the same time, his bank account isn't my business. Uggghhh, stupid gray areas!

I guess what the real concern needs to be is not letting what happened be overlooked or discounted. A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a five-part photo essay feature The Washington Post did on the Vicktory dogs called Shelter for the Scarred, which starts with pictures from the kennel, shows the dogs through their rescue, assessment, and rehabilitation, and ends with my favorite boy Leo, the one you hear about all the time being the therapy dog (he's the one with the fabulously frilly clown collar).

It's incredible and very moving. I recommend watching it when you have a moment.


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Ariel said...

Hi Alice,
Thanks for posting this terribly sad story with a Happy ending for some. Human Granny says that a apology has three parts....
Apology: a.) I'm Sorry
b.) It was my fault
c.) How do I make
it right?
According to this he did all the right things. It all comes down to money. Human Granny thinks he should donate a part of his salary each year to the ASPCA or some other organization like the Animal Welfare as long as he plays ball. That is her take on it. Thanks for posting this.
Licks & Wags, Ariel <3