Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Dog's Gotta Eat...

This has been a week of highs and lows in the dog food department.

It started Tuesday, when I found out that, after a good 18 months of talking loudly about it around town in hopes that someone business-savvy was listening, that a dog store is going into an empty storefront in my 'hood. I was so excited! According to my neighborhood blog, the place is mainly a dog bakery and boutique, but expressly stated that it would have dog food (going so far as to say more dog food than cat food). Even better!

So I left a message and asked if anyone knew what brands. After that pet food poisoning a few years ago, I'm absolutely freaked out to feed Alice anything but human-grade, made in the US food. We've been feeding her dry California Natural and Evo, both of which Alice/we like. The only problem is that it's tough to get here. We currently have to drive far (about 45 minutes in traffic and lots of aggravation) or to a store about 15 minutes away but with a difficult parking situation to get those brands. Having a place that carried something comparable two blocks away would be an absolute dream.

The discussion it spawned on my neighborhood blog hasn't been helpful in finding out this information-- except to contradict what was written in the post to say that the store doesn't carry food. The blog author hasn't clarified where they got their information, and an inquiry to the store to find out if they have food hasn't been answered. Let's just say I'm frustrated and leave it at that.

I was taking solace in the fact that at least we had the semi-close place with bad parking, but then I got a newsletter from that store last night... stating that they're closing.

I won't say that I cried, but I did spend a good hour trying to research new foods-- just in case the new dog bakery doesn't carry food after all. I'd really like to find a brand that doesn't require me to make more of a commitment just to purchase than I've made to The Human Male, but won't kill my dog.*

So I'm opening this up to you. What do you feed your dogs, or what would be your recommendations to try? Here are my requirements:

  • Natural (doesn't need to be organic)
  • Made in the US
  • Preferably a small bite formula, or small enough to eat with an epic underbite
As a reference, I've been looking at Halo-- which we can get at our local Whole Foods and another organic market out here. Any thoughts on that brand?

* I should also probably mention that The Human Male's stance on this is that I'm overreacting, and that we could probably feed Alice banana peels and tin cans and she'd be happy and live for 70 human years. I'm pretty sure he's right, this little dog is bulletproof. But I think it's not out of the question to find an alternative to opening up the garbage can and letting her go to town.


mamala said...

Why not order online and have it delivered to your house? There would be no driving, and you can even find some places with no shipping and sometimes coupons. Alice would love "getting mail" .
Tell human male it is not just about healthy food for Alice, it is about peace of mind for you. So much easier to not have to constantly worry about recalls. and don't forget- making your own food is also an option. It isn't that hard or time consuming for one dog so if all else fails you could do that in your jammies and never have to leave the house and fight traffic. Plus Alice would get everything that spills on the floor!

Anonymous said...

I get fed eukanuba healthy naturals for small breeds and its all natural and its made in the us of a and my mommy loves it its supposed to make us small breeds live longer!!

wags and licks

Ariel said...

Hey Alice,
I also eat Evo dog food. My human Granny drives about 30 minutes to get it. They carry it at two places both about the same distance but in different directions. Human Auntie in CA says you can order it online. Like she does for my flea meds. Great Luck withe the search.... <3
we know the feeling!

Mr. Puggle® said...

hey alice, no time to look up your email but wanted to send this to you. you have to see this. see if you recognize a certain black puggle in it. hope they got a signed release from you.

Dogma Bakery said...

Hello, I am the owner of Dogma Bakery. I apologize that the staff at our current store isn't aware of the foods we will carry in the new store. Some of the brands we plan to carry are: Evo, Azmira, Sammy Snacks, Aunt Jeni's Raw, Honest Kitchen, Bravo, Ziwi Peak and Earthborn and we're looking for suggestions for more specialty brands based on the need in the area. Please feel free to email me at if you have any suggestions. We look forward to seeing you!

Alice's Human Female said...

Thanks so much, Sheila! You've made my day!

Mr. Puggle® said...

probably feed Alice banana peels and tin cans and she'd be happy and live for 70 human years.
*******AAAAAHAHAHAHA funny!

mr p just gets pet store dry food and fresh veggies. he does love bananas too.

hey hey, so cool the owner wrote you!