Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Murphy Miles.

Last September, Alice and I walked with Hudson, Murphy, and Luke from 2 Dogs 2,000 Miles. The boys are walking from Austin to Boston to raise awareness for canine (and all companion animal) cancer. Amazingly, they're coming up on the end of their journey-- they're arriving in Boston in mid-June. WOW!

A post recently went up on their blog called "Murphy Miles". Murphy was sidelined a couple of times on the trip and has missed about 500 miles (which, by the way, will end up being in the ballpark of 2,400 miles). So they're asking for people and their dogs to "donate" miles for him: log some walking miles, then send a photo and the mileage to a member of the 2 Dogs 2,000 miles team (all the contact info's in the post).

What a fun idea! It's especially great for everyone who wasn't on their path and want to get involved with their great cause.

Alice and I will definitely be logging some Murphy Miles. I may even try to strap a little GPS tracker on her at the Dog Park-- she might make a good dent in the mileage just doing her regular crazy loops.

Join us, won't you?


mamala said...

How fun / we will be strapping on our walking shoes tomorrow!

Ariel said...

Maybe it will help me and human Granny get ready for the 'Mutt Mosey Senior Dog Walk' which raises money for the 'Senior Dog Rescue' they are saving up to build. WooHoo! Thanks for the heads up Alice! <3

Mr. Puggle® said...

great job