Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love for Kujo!

Good Morning America (and now CNN) had a segment on today about two women who found a stray dog and are taking care of him until they can find a permanent home. His name is Kujo, and he's adorable. He looks like the happiest dog. He was sitting on the couch between the women, a big smile plastered across his face.

Besides him being abandoned by his owner (and I won't get into his name-- maybe someone thought they were being funny), there's a part of the story that really bothers me-- Kujo had a note tucked under his collar written by a child, giving his name, stating that his owners couldn't feed him anymore, and that he's great with kids. While it is possible, I doubt the kid wrote that on his own accord ("I'm great with kids, too" doesn't seem like something a six year old would write. "I like kids" would be more on course). I know a lot of shelters are full and many rescue programs aren't doing very well right now (this was out by The Cleve, too, which is unfortunately experiencing some bad employment issues), but I find it really manipulative and low that someone would have their kid write a note. Especially if you're going to let your dog loose to fend for himself.

Other than that, I love this story. I love that these two women-- both in their upper 70s-- are taking care of this big baby. It shows that there are good people everywhere--people that will step in where duty calls, even if it's not the most convenient of situations.

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