Monday, January 19, 2009

We interrupt this broadcast with a special news bulletin...

I'm going to break from the Alice-centric nature of this blog a bit for a couple of days to discuss this week. Inauguration Week is a huge deal in DC, and it's the only time when party affiliation doesn't matter. Everyone here loves the opportunity to have a couple of drinks and wear a fancy dress or tux (as opposed to any other day, when people have a couple of drinks in their normally terrible and unstylish ensembles-- DC is not known for its fashion prowess), and it doesn't matter who you support. Everyone's here to get down and have a good time. Many people here also have a mandated four-day weekend (bridges to/from VA will be closed down except to buses and cabs, and many office buildings are going into lockdown) and are spending the whole thing celebrating.

The Human Male and I have a friend who is extremely well-connected and always gets us into great places. Since I moved here a year and a half ago, she's gotten me into the White House twice (including on the Christmas decoration tour), the National Christmas Tree Lighting, countless Hill receptions, and parties on the roof of 101 Constitution and the SEC, and now into two Inauguration Galas. Last night we went to our first, the Latino Inaugural Gala, which was held in the main terminal at Union Station. Union is this gorgeous, elegant old train station that was redone several years ago and runs DC's metro system, the MARC trains to Maryland, and Amtrak, and also has a pretty good mall in it. I was so excited when my friend called us up yesterday morning and told us she had extra tickets. Not only did that mean that we'd get to go to a party in a fantastic location, it meant another night of seeing the Human Male in a tux. Talk about handsome!

The place looked stunning. They had two or three stages set up, three big screens, and blue-lit everything. It was a good night for celebrity-spotting as well: the David who was the runner-up on American Idol sang the national anthem (fabulous voice), Rosie Perez and Wilmer Valderrama addressed the crowd, George Lopez played the cowbell with "house band" War on "Low-Rider". Marc Anthony was slated to perform (with subsequent J.Lo sightings possible), but a couple of us partook of the night's specialty drink the Latini (I think it was a raspberry martini) and decided that we'd had enough fun by 11:30 and left. I just read he started playing an hour after he was supposed to, so it was probably best we left when we did.

We had the best time. The highlight for me was that around 10:30, we realized we were standing next to the dad from Ugly Betty. I don't want to say I totally flipped out, but I did jump when one of my friends decided we needed our picture taken with him. Talk about a silver fox. He was very gracious and didn't mind us accosting him for pictures-- he actually said "That's what I'm here for" and made jokes about his pacemaker going off. We had Latinis in our systems and ate it up. Of course, I proved true to myself and did something embarrassing-- in addition to being giddy, I got an e-mail while the picture was being taken and my purse vibrated. He turns to me and goes "You're vibrating". I tell him that I just got an e-mail, and he said something along the lines of me being dangerous because I vibrate. He later mentioned it again when another one of my friends asked for a picture.

While the Human Male and I have had a lot of fun, poor Alice has had to stay at home. I had high hopes for taking Alice to some of the outdoor events, but many of them don't allow pets and the weather's been way too cold for her to go to the other, lower-key ones (by the way, the HSUS has a nice press release on not bringing your pets to events last week). It's even been too cold to go to the park. So she's been spending a lot of time at home, much to her chagrin. And ours-- she's been going through a little regression period lately and has been extra clingy and troublesome. Both the Human Male and I have ended up with bruised faces this week from getting head-butted by her out of excitement, and the carpet cleaner's had a steady workout the past few days. It'd be nice to take her with us so that she can feel more secure, like we're not going to leave her and never come back.

Since she hasn't been able to attend, I've decided that there's nothing wrong with imaging what it would've been like had she actually gone last night. So here she is singing with David from American Idol:

And swooning over Wilmer Valderrama:

And rocking out with George Lopez and War. More cowbell!

And talking with Betty's dad:

This morning, she's exhausted. She's decided to sleep in late, snuggled up with the Human Male. I think she's got the right idea.

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