Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Puppy.

Friday Puppy is the highly kooky and thoroughly enjoyable blog of Matt Baumgartner, the guy who owns Bombers, my favorite place to eat in Albany, New York (and the location of many of the happiest moments of my life). I wrote about Bombers a few months ago when I did my first trip sans Alice-- and probably a few other times, too. Nearly three years out of Albany, and I still have burrito and margarita cravings regularly.

Anyway, Matt and his blog team cover a gamut of topics, from
how to get out of speeding tickets in Smallbany, people who love Subarus, to why you should always check the closets when you close up shop for the night (he also wrote a nice tribute to a soldier friend of his that recently passed away that's far less crazy than the regular posts).

While the closet story may be one of my favorite Capital Region stories of all time (lots of weird things happen up there), one of the best features is that on Friday, he posts pictures of dogs on his website-- for no real reason other than to have a whole bunch of cuteness to start your weekend. It is a contest for votes (the winner gets a Friday Puppy t-shirt), but it's just fun to see the cute dogs. Hence the blog's name, Friday Puppy.

Last week I sent Alice's picture in to participate. And guess what? She's in the contest this week!

If you don't mind having your dog's picture posted on a crazy website, I'd say shoot some photos of yours on over, too. The address is fridaypuppy |at| gmail dot com. Wouldn't it be fun to load it up with pugs/puggles/chihuahuas/friends of puggles? We could all be the proud owners of Friday Puppies!

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