Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's True!

I took Alice out last night, and shortly after we got to Potty Hill, Rocco came out. He was down at another end of the Hill, but when he saw Alice, he came bounding over, a big stupid grin splashed across his face. When she looked up from the patch of grass she was giving a thorough investigatory sniff, she ran over to him. I've never seen Alice play so happily with another dog.

Rocco's owner came over, and I asked-- just to confirm, since my track record's awful this week-- if that was Rocco.

"Yeah, it is. Rocco loves Alice," she responded with a smile.

It's official! Alice and Rocco are in loooooooove.


JMP said...

My dog likes to get in threesomes with other male dogs! He's a bottom.

Anonymous said...

I hope Alice and Jack hit it off. They don't have to BF&GF, but hopefully they can be buds. :)

I think I'm more excited about Jack's playdate today than far. :)