Monday, March 2, 2009

Six very happy months.

We brought Alice home on September 2nd, 2008, making today the six month anniversary of when Alice joined our family. I'm surprised it's already been six months, but if feels like we've had her forever.

So far, she's had a pretty good day. She started off by stealing all of the bed and blankets, and in a strange twist of fate, DC got a sizable snowstorm in the wee hours of this morning (sizable enough that I'm positive that if the Prez hadn't called DC residents a bunch of wusses recently, the town would be shut down-- it's actually kind of a scary amount for this area), so both the Human Male and I were home for the day
. Two humans at home means twice the treats.

Alice has had a very full day. Being home, I documented it all.

She started off by scratching her side:

Then she sat on the Human Male and stared at me for a while:

She posed for pictures for a few minutes:

Then she spent a little more time lounging on the Human Male:

After that, she laid in bed with her toys:

And then she pretended to be the Human Male's parrot for a bit:

Her day wasn't all easy, though. For a couple of minutes, the Human Male left the chair:

But then he came back, and all was well again:

A bit later this evening, she actually begged to have her picture taken again:

It was really cute.

I've watched Alice grow a lot over the past six months. Here's the first picture I took of her after she arrived home:

I look at this picture and think about the day I brought Alice home. She looks and acts like a whole new dog now-- gone is the scared, vacant look, and she's filled out nicely. She's much less jittery, far more adorably obnoxious, has learned many new tricks, and even a few bad habits.

Alice has made us both so incredibly happy, made our life so much more fun and joyful. She's definitely been a great life enhancement. Happy six-month, my little luck dragon!

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