Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do Good While Watching Super Bowl Commercials!

I was going to embed the Pedigree Super Bowl commercial, but this is even better. If you go to the Pedigree Website and watch the commerical-- along with the four hilarious featured adopter videos-- they'll donate an 8oz bowl of dog food to dogs in shelters.

Go here:

Every year I cry my eyes out during the Super Bowl and Westminster, when they play the adopt-a-dog commercials. I even went to the store in Times Square last year (and had a tough time leaving a wonderful fawn doberman) and got a little weepy there. I'm so incredibly happy they're going the funny route this year-- it works!

Also check out their store-- they have some super cute little Dogs Rule stuff, including purses made out of recycled dog food bags. I'm seriously in love. My dad has the t-shirt and I have the mug and will vouch for it-- it works great and still looks sleek (and clean) a year later. And if I knew for certain what Alice's neck size was right now, she'd be getting the "Proud to be Adopted" collar. So cute!

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