Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've often thought that Alice could be the poster girl for shelter dogs...

…But a box would work, too. I've entered Alice in Bissell's MVP Pet Photo Contest. If you were watching the Puppy Bowl last week, you might've seen the ads.

Here's what I like about this one: the grand prize not only includes your pet's picture on Bissell's packaging, but a $10,000 donation to a pet charity. Yes, that would be four zeros. Even the top five prizes are awesome: they all get their pet's picture on packaging, plus second place gets $5,000 for charity and third, fourth, and fifth get a $1,000 donation each.

Having Alice's picture on items at every Target in America would be cool but basically, we're in this for the money. In addition to Alice's shelter, I can easily think of several animal charities that could use this, the least of which being our neighborhood shelter*—I just found out this weekend that they're planning on putting on a huge new addition. Not only is this important for the animals who end up there (1,186 adopted last year alone!), they also have a safekeeping program, which temporarily houses pets in health or housing emergencies (like an owner's hospitalization, a house fire, or leaving an abusive situation) until other arrangements can be made.

But those are just two worthy options. Especially in times like these, $1,000 could go such a long way.**

This is the part of the post where I beg you in a dignified and ladylike manner to please vote for Alice. Her picture will be online from today through next Tuesday, February 17th. If you click on the link below, you'll be taken to her page. Please (please, please!) feel free to send any friend, family member, or stranger you meet the link as well!

* By the way, my shelter has little pug-beagle hybrid there right now, if anyone's looking for a new addition. What a handsome boy!

** As incentive to vote, if Alice is one of the winners, I'll accept suggestions for deciding on the charity.

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