Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When it comes to pit bulls, idiocy reigns supreme.

I read an article today on a judge in North Carolina who has ordered that 127 pit bulls taken from a kennel be put down. Were they evaluated before he made his decision. Nope. And why should they be? I mean, they're pit bulls-- obviously they're dangerous. Obviously no one has ever mistaken another type of dog for a pit bull. Obviously no other type of dog has ever done extreme damage to to a person. Obviously pit bulls can't be rehabilitated and lead happy, productive lives.

I freaking
hate this mentality. I think most dog people who have met a pit bull find them to be happy sweethearts. I think most dog people understand that you always look at the owner first before you look at the dog. I think most sensible people would say, hey-- let's evaluate the dogs before we sentence them to death. Whatever happened to that whole "innocent until proven guilty" law thing? And while we're at it, what about finding some credible witnesses to testify?

Of course, any rational thinking in this situation is akin to absurdity.
Obviously we should listen to the money rather than the groups that evaluated and rehabilitated many of the Vick dogs.


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