Friday, February 27, 2009

The Pouter.

I typically work from home on Fridays. Alice usually spends most of her time with the Human Male because I do my work at the kitchen table instead of in one of the nice cushy chairs. Sure, she'll come over and say hi, bring me a tennis ball to throw or beg for whatever I'm snacking on, but during the day, she's a Male's girl-- whether it's the couch, the chairs, or in bed, she's flopped out all over him.

A couple of weeks ago, the Human Male had a job interview. After he left, she came out of the bedroom and laid down on my pajamas, which were, um, folded carefully close to the ground. Aww, I thought. That's so cute! She wants to be near me, but not sit in the wooden chair. A little while later, she jumped in my lap.
Awww! That's even cuter! I said to myself. She must be fixated on me today. I feel so loved.

Then I looked over at my pile of pjs-- and then remembered that I had been wearing one of the Human Male's sweatshirts earlier. And I realized she was sitting on my lap because she had a better view out the window thank if she sat in the chair.

It wasn't about me at all-- it was about him. She was pouting because he left.

So today, the Human Male is out at a job fair. About 0.5 seconds after walked out the door, I feel a little tiny paw on my arm. Pretty soon, she was trying to snuggle up in my lap and wearing her pouty face.

I'm onto you, puggle, and I'm not falling for it this time.

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