Monday, February 16, 2009

Take your dog to the cleaners... er, maybe to lunch.

Alice’s trainer, Kissable Canine, sends out a great little newsletter every month. The February edition had a short write-up on some nice places around DC to take your dog on a date. On their list: Quiet Waters Park in Anne Arundel County, Maryland; Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia; and Bluemont Vineyards in Bluemont, Virginia.

I freaking love places that allow dogs—I’m of the camp that if a place allows kids, they should allow a well-behaved dog. I’ll unashamedly admit I’m far more apt to go somewhere if they’ll let Alice in. And believe me, I’ll be going to all three as soon as the weather warms up. Seriously, who knew that GW's old haunt allowed dogs? I didn't. Likely first on the list, though, is Bluemont. Next to Alice, non-profits, and ANTM, I love wine. I’ve heard fabulous things about Bluemont, too. I’m quite excited about this one.

This got me thinking about the other places I know that allow dogs in the DC area, and thought it might be good to share them—it can be tough to track down a list online of stores/places that are dog-friendly. I don’t know too many, so if you know more (even in non-DC areas), please feel free to share!

Barrel Oak Winery: Believe me, if it’s on the way to/from Bluemont (it's in Fauqier County, VA-- I'm not the best with my geography past Duke St. in the ALX), I’m stopping there first/afterwards. There are fewer things more beautiful than a vineyard, and this one has some beautiful views online. It also sounds like they have some fun events, like movies. Dear Warm Weather: Please come soon. Besos, The Human Female.

Le Village Marche: This little store in Shirlington (VA) allows arm-carried dogs. I brought Alice in one day and they were really nice her. Not a great place if your dog gets squirrelly and might jump—there’s a lot of tiny little breakable things along the shelves. And if you’re going to be buying anything from this fabulous store, you’re better off bringing it home.

Barnes and Noble: This one surprised me, too. I got kind of a vague response when I asked, but I’m pretty sure this is a company-wide policy—as the employee told me, they’d rather have dogs inside than left in the cold/hot car. But let me tell you this: I know for a fact that Clarendon is dog-friendly, as is Grand Rapids, Michigan’s B&N, and those in Manhattan. I’m thinking they’re all on board. They’re just not allowed in the café area. You might get a little flak from other shoppers (Alice had a lady give her attitude once—apparently sitting four feet away while waiting in line is too close for some), but if your dog’s well-behaved and not weedling in the self-help section, what are they going to do? Just to be on the safe side, it might help to call your local store first.

Restaurants with outside seating: This is kind of a no-brainer, but it’s important to note: if a restaurant has sidewalk seating (sit-down or take-out alike), they’re likely pet-friendly. Shirlington, Old Town Alexandria, and Del Ray (all VA) are safe bets. Some might have rules about if they can be inside or outside the seating fences, but I can tell you for sure that Busboys and Poets, Bear Rock, and T.H.A.I. in Shirlington have let Alice inside the fences, and Luna Grill, the Carlyle, and Guapo’s allow them (at the very least) outside the fences in Shirlington. Bittersweet and the one outside table at Red Mei in OT always have a dog sitting at the tables (Alice is a regular when it’s warm at Red Mei-- their food is stupid good), and there’s always a ton of dogs outside the seating fences along King Street. Mt. Vernon Ave in Del Ray is the same. There are two places in particular that I love in particular—one’s St. Elmo’s (they may even have a dog hitching post—I think I saw one yesterday when I drove by) and Caboose Café.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that one of the most beautiful weddings I went to was at the Bluemont may have to make it an option for wedding/'ll be sucked in once you visit.

I would also recommend going in the fall. The drive there (during October) is incredible!!!