Saturday, June 6, 2009

Found: A Brick Piano.

And by "brick piano", I mean a piano actually made out of bricks.

Alice, The Human Male, and I just got home from a very quick jaunt to
Chattanooga, Tennessee. We spent just about 36 hours there and didn't get to see much of the city, but what I did see, I'm completely in love with. We've already started talking about going back. And after seeing that the cost of housing here is 323% more expensive, I'm going to start packing up the house, too.

This morning we went over to a place called The Stone Cup on Hamilton Place Boulevard for some coffee on our way out of town. Across the street from there is this incredible monument, dedicated to "The music and musicians of Chattanooga". What's super cool is that you can sit right down at it and "play" it, if you want.

The only word that can describe this is awesome.


Mr. Puggle said...

you can start a feature on your blog...where's alice? make people guess.

so the picture on header? are the balloons tied to alice?

LydiaAndPugs said...

Great photo! :) Looks like a lot of fun! Your pug/beagle is adorable as well :)


Riley said...

Love the piano!!! Such a cool idea, did you play in tune???? my mom loves Chattanooga, TN

Totally Timmy said...

I was looking for the "follow this blog" box but could not find lazy me finally manually added you to my reading list :)
Alice is awesome. Can't wait to go back and read more posts!