Friday, June 12, 2009

Studs Who ARE Pugs: There's Some Skill Involved in Being This Handsome.

I think most people who read this blog also read Mr. Puggle's, so you likely know about this already. So in my best Barry White voice, I'm sending this one out to those of you who don't-- in particular, those of you who don't need to flee to The Cleve, because you're already (and very fortunately) nearby.

A few weeks ago, someone* had a link to
HistoryMike's blog, a guy near Toledo whose family is fostering a puggle for a local rescue called Planned Pethood**. The puggle's name is Atticus Finch***, and he's very, very handsome.

This picture is NOT from the cover of GQ, but rather the Planned Pethood Website. Now go there and find a new friend!

Today, Mr. Puggle had a posting on him-- apparently Atticus has received no applications so far. What?! How is that possible? Look at those eyes! I swear, if he was a singer, girls would through their skivvs on stage at him. And then give him treats.

So this week, I've decided to award Atticus the Studs Who Are Pug(gles) title this week. Because a glorious moneymaker like that is deserving of champagne wishes and caviar dreams-- or, at the very least, a forever home. Even better, it sounds like Atticus has a personality that surpasses his glorious looks. He sounds good on the
Planned Pethood Website, and that he's improved even more on HistoryMike's blog.

Atticus can be adopted through
Planned Pethood in Toledo, OH. They do try to adopt locally, as they require a home visit, but it does say on their website that if you're not in the area, that you can set up a visit with a shelter in your area.

Because really-- who couldn't use more handsome in their family?

* I can't remember who it was. If it was you, let me know and I'll give you credit.

** Which may be one of my favorite rescue names of all time.

*** Yet another great puggle name, but this does bring up a question: What's with puggle owners and their obsession with To Kill a Mockingbird? I'm not complaining, it's one of my favorite books, I just find it interesting. And has anyone met a girl puggle named Scout yet?


Riley said...

So sweet and so dear...he is pugalicious!!!! **so are you, BOL

Mr. Puggle said...

as an artsy person, i have all these ideas/projects floating around in my head i would love to do. only, not enough hours in an average lifetime to do them all.

one...i want to put a page on my website where people can list band name suggestions. i always see quirky things and think, "sounds like a band name."

i would have to submit the image your post gave me...

skivvy catchers

thanks for trying to find atty a home. your SWP should do the trick. still think you should get a loto ticket with your success rate.