Monday, June 1, 2009

If you're in the Hyattsville area tomorrow...

A couple weeks back, I wrote about Berdina, the pit bull from the Washington Animal Rescue League that went missing on April 21st. There's been some GREAT news with her just today-- there's been about five spottings, including one by one of the people who's been searching for her! YAY YAY YAY!

The sightings today were right in the area where we found the paw prints a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully this means she's been spending a lot of time right around there and they'll be able to catch her soon.

If you're in the Hyattsville, Maryland area and can spare some time around 7A or 5P (it sounds like her spottings are around food times) tomorrow, there's a group of searchers who are going to go out and comb the area. They'll be meeting by the playround at the park across the street from Ager Road Station Apartments, near Ager Road and Nicholson Street by the nursery (if you come out of the West Hyattsville Metro, go to the path and turn right-- it's not too far down).

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They're asking that people bring a leash and some good, smelly treats. I've heard she likes cat food, hot dogs, and pupperonis.

Oh, Berdina-- I'm positive that if you went home, you'd get aaaaalll the pupperonis you could possibly dream of having!