Monday, June 29, 2009

A Great Gift.

I'm getting waaay backed up on posts for this month, but I wanted to post a quick one on something cool I got this weekend.

My birthday present from my folks arrived this weekend. Yes, my birthday was a month ago-- it took longer to make than anticipated. And it was absolutely worth the wait.

It's an Alice necklace! My mom ordered it from BabyFaces Pets. I opened it on the street outside the Post Office Saturday morning, and started crying and ooh-ing so much that I embarrassed myself in front of the whole block. I think, though, that if anyone passing by had gotten such a great present, they would've done the same.

Thanks for the wonderful present, Mamala and Popsy!


Mr. Puggle said...

how cool is that? i will have to check out that site sometime. sounds like you come from a real "dog people" family! btw, i responded to your twitter note about 30 sucks. i said forty sucks. i thought it was like a back channel kinda thing. didn't know it showed up public. so embarrassing! especially when mr. puggle is suppose to be a squeaky clean G rated puggle icon. i figured out i was able to delete the comment but don't know how many people saw it. can't trust myself around buttons. hmmm, i think i will turn that into a t-shirt!

Ariel said...

That is a Great present. Licks!
Human Granny needs to get me one. I will have to tell her to check it out. Thanks for sharing the info.
Wags, Ariel <3