Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weird Berdina Update.

It's been a very strange week with Berdina sightings. It started last Friday, when there was a report of a dog being hit by a 7-11 near the area where Berdina's been hiding. The searchers made calls and visits to all of the ones they could find, as well as to Animal Control, but with no luck. No one knew anything about the dog, which I guess is good.

Then the tracker dog went out again later in the weekend, and she was traced into a courtyard. Oddly, her scent disappeared, which made everyone suspect that perhaps she was taken in. Unfortunately, Prince Georges County has breed specific legislation and bans pit bulls.

Then this morning, it was reported on the news that two badly decomposing bodies had been found in that area, in the woods right behind Rosa Parks Elementary. Not much was being reported on it (other than it was foul play) so I'm not sure if it was random or targeted. I just found a report that says that they arrested someone in connection with it.

So now there's reports of a dog hit by a car, Berdina's smell disappears, and two murders... and then two reports from kids on recent spottings on different days but both in the same area, including one on Tuesday.

Hey, Berdina-- are you done running yet? Everyone's ready to go home.