Friday, April 17, 2009

Studs with Pugs: The Hot Reason why I was Wrong About Puggles.

First, a note:

My coworker Erin walked into my office today. While we were talking, my phone rang-- it was The Human Male. When The Human Male calls me, the picture of George Clooney and the pug pops up. So I showed it to her, and she goes, "Oh, is that from your Studs with Pugs blog?"

Erin, I must add, is completely freaking brilliant. And I'm pretty ashamed I didn't think of that name. So I'm changing the name from Hot Men Holding Pugs to Studs with Pugs.

Now, onto business.

It's a semi-dark secret that I never wanted a puggle. I was actually vehemently against getting a puggle. Let me explain...

Basically, I don't like the idea of a "designer dog". I really don't think that people should be playing with genetics to get a certain "look", especially with two such dissimilar breeds. Get two puggles together and you'll see two different dogs-- they just don't standardize well. I've also read things about the different problems they can have if hastily bred-- a pug's short nasal passages with the desire to run, limb deformities, etcetera. Even Alice, who got all the good parts of both the pug and beagle, has a foot that turns in a little. I just don't think it's fair to the dog.

I hated how when they first came on the scene, there was a big hoopla around them. I hated how a dog became "chic". A dog is not a handbag, people.

I was particularly upset when I saw this picture:

Helena's Hubpages site has some pretty interesting dog postings. Check it out!

Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal. Hottie heartthrob to millions of people around the world! And what a cute dog with such a cute name! Look at that little irresistible kicky monster! Ohhh, and the super sexy Blackberry, too!

So delicious. Yet so rife with distaster. And I just don't mean trying to Blackberry avec puggle-- which, for the record, should never be attempted. Just trust me on that one.

No, I got worried that people would get puggles just on the off chance that they might run into Mr. Gyllenhaal walking down the street.

"Oh, my! You have a puggle, too!" Crazy Fan would say, fanning themselves like an old Southern Belle in a movie.

"Why, yes! I do. What a coincidence! Want to get married?" Jake would reply, smitten as a kitten.

Yeah, not gonna happen. When it didn't, the hyper little dog with the passion to run despite his stumpy leg and the short nasal passages would end up not looking so cute anymore, and he'd end up in a shelter.

So I had these feelings about puggles. And then I actually met one, and they're perfect. And I met puggle people, none of whom have fit that frou-frou mold. They've all been very down to earth, easygoing, and patient as all get-out.

So I stand here, corrected. I was very, very wrong about puggles.

Now, Jake. Wanna have a puggle meet-up at the Park?


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm glad you changed your thinking about puggles! Alice is a cutie by the way.

I agree with you about you different puggles can's amazing. :-)

Sniffs and licks,


Nibbles Treats said...

We know a few puggles and think they are pretty cool too - Jake Gyllenhall included!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Mr. Puggle said...

puggle people rock! mr. puggle

I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

I too am glad that you changed your mind! I NEVER wanted a small dog EVVVVEEERRRR, than I saw one in People and SECRETLY started looking for was an accident she is here now and OMG my life is SO different!

I also think a great thing is that they all DON'T look alike. They do have alot of similarities, quirks.

I don't look at her as my designer dog/bag she is JUST my baby!

We would play with you too!

Have a PuggleLicious Weekend!

Lainey :0)

I am Lainey ...Sister is Chloe .. said...

P.S. I love your BIO and it is SO true about the Alice Palace and the bank account!!

I think that you are JUST adorable TOO!!!