Friday, April 3, 2009

Hot Men Holding Pugs: Cheers!

I’ll admit it: today’s Hot Men Holding Pugs post has an ulterior motive.

A good friend of mine in New York is in the process of interviewing for a job down here in DC. She’s had an interview and a coffee date so far, and loves the organization. I would love to have her down here—it'd mean I'd imported one member of the Urban Family and would only have three more to go!

The organization with whom she is interviewing has Ted Danson as a Board Member and is one of their celebrity spokespeople. And wouldn’t you know it, one of the links Mamala sent me for pictures happened to have Ted Danson listed as a pug owner. And lo and behold, there are pictures out there!

So I’m posting Ted Danson as this week’s Hot Man Holding Pugs offering. If not to appease the Powers that Be in the HR Department to hire my friend, pay her lots of money, and to let her work civilized hours, then to appeal to that Silver Fox Ted Danson to put in a good word for her.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold this week's Hot Man Holding a Pug:

Downloaded from now go shop!

Beyond being a looker, let me tell you about the good work that Ted Danson has done:

First, he works with an organization that supports ocean conservation. Who's going to argue that an ocean isn't anything but the most perfect place on the planet?

Second, he advocates for Little Angels Pug Rescue, whose mission is to "make sure that every pug has a loving home". Ohhh! And look at those little sweethearts on their homepage (also, check out the posters-- that pugarita one is mine). How could someone who supports a pug rescue be anything less than a saint?

Third, he must a good person, as he’s married to Mary Steenburgen, who is beautiful, a great actress, and was fantastic in Elf. A classy lady like that would obviously only associate with a classy man. Am I right, or am I right?

Fourth, lest we not forget that he donated money anonymously for a wing at the NRDC Centre on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Thank you, Mr. Danson, for all the good you do. You naturally and effortlessly embody the spirit, tenacity, and dignity required to be recognized as a Hot Man Holding a Pug. Congratulations.

Speaking of which, you know who else is spirited, tenacious, dignified, and into doing good, Ted? Let me introduce you to my friend...

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