Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey, Firebirds-- maybe OJ's available right now, too.

An update to yesterday's post on the Albany Firebirds' offer to Michael Vick: the team is admitting today that it was, in fact, all a publicity stunt. And apparently the owner was left out of the loop on it.

There was a great article today in the local newspaper, the Times-Union. Here's my favorite part:

Earlier in the day, Firebirds coach Tony Bowick acknowledged the Vick offer was largely a publicity stunt for his 0-5 team.

"I just think it's to have people have something to talk about," Bowick said. "We haven't been giving them a reason to talk about us in a positive way, so hopefully this will keep everybody talking and keep everyone interested."

I'm sorry-- "talk about us in a positive way"? Positive, really? Where the merde is giving a dog beater and murderer $200 a week-- especially when a lot of good, hardworking people are getting laid off-- a positive thing?

Personally, what I'm hoping for is a major pull-out of sponsors, a clearing out of the marketing department and general manager by the team owner, and then the team doing several benefits for the Mowhawk & Hudson Humane Society.

I just can't believe how disgustingly vile, callous, and idiotic the team is being about this. All they seem to care about is how incredible it would be to have Vick on the team-- and how ridiculous it is to believe he would consider the offer because he's worth sooo much more.

WOW. Congratulations on being out of touch. And congratulations on that humongous 70-26 loss on Saturday.

Please do keep it up.

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Professional sports usually do lose track of right and wrong.