Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An 0-5 record could be the least of their problems...

I read today that the arena football team of my old town put in an offer for Michael Vick. Apparently they’re having a bad season and want to make some changes.

After the initial surprise of learning that Albany has an arena football team, I totally burned up. What the merde were they thinking?! Are they nuts? Is this, as AOA queries, a PR stunt? A really tacky, disgusting, IDIOTIC, unforgivable promotion?

And what the merde is wrong with them, thinking that making a donation to the local Humane Society would make everything okay? I remember that press conference that Vick gave right after his case, where it was sooooo freaking clear that he had no remorse for what he did-- even when he had to shell out $1m to take care of the dogs. I’m really hoping that prison did the trick, but I somehow doubt it. And I’m sure, even if he doesn’t have any scratch, that doling out $100,000 wouldn’t have any impact.

Even the executive director of the Mohawk & Hudson Humane Society said the money would be nice, but no thanks. He suggested that if he was to take the job, that he should get involved with the community instead and try to fight dogfighting.

After doing a happy dance that MHHS has a new director (I have bigtime issues with their last one), I cheered. What a great response! Personally, I’d like to see him get involved with a group out there called Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS), a program through the Albany Damien Center that helps people living with HIV/AIDS take care of their pets when they are physically/financially unable to do so alone—that way, they can keep their pets when they need them the most. And I don’t mean “get involved” like giving money (though that would be nice), I mean actually meeting some people who can truly demonstrate the worth of having a pet and how much joy it can bring to one’s life.


Dear arena football team I never knew existed:

Your stunt was stupid, your offer poorly thought, and in addition to losing games, you’re gonna lose some fans.


The Human Female

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