Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Best Day EVER!

Fabulous news: guess who came home this morning? Izzy!

I was pretty excited to find out, so I’m not entirely certain this is how it really went, but I think this is what happened:

After not spotting her at all yesterday, a neighbor called up around 7A this morning, saying that her husband had seen her on his way to work and tried to catch her but couldn’t. Mamala bolted over to that area, but couldn't find her.

My mom ran into some neighbor ladies and asked if they had seen her. They said yes, she’s running circles around your house. Mamala called Pedro to see, but by the time he got out there, she was gone again. So Mamala started playing in the yard with Z and a toy, thinking that it might entice her to play if she was nearby. Izzy didn’t come, so at some point Mamala went back in the house. Then she walked into the garage and practically stepped on Izzy, who was waiting by the door.

Izzy was extremely happy to be home and to see my mom. I get the impression that she was looking expressly for her—in addition to being the person who feeds, plays, and snuggles with her, her little dummy brain may only have room to recognize one person.

I guess Izzy’s looking a little thin and was hungry and dirty, but still the same old Izzy. She immediately started playing with toys and nipped at Z when she tried to play with it, too. So Z may not be so happy that she’s back. Mamala took her to the vet, too-- save for her paws looking like she was walking on sticks, she's completely fine.

I know when I found out, my office became quite dusty. I can’t even begin to imagine how relieved my folks must feel right now. At the very least, I’m sure they feel like they could use a shower, some serious couch time, and some sleep.

I will not be calling my mother for the next 48 hours.

Something else I won’t be doing? At her request, I won’t be sending my mom any more pet-specific packages.

On Saturday, before I knew what happened, I sent my mom a box that included two ribbon-flowered collars and a toy for Izzy. The collars will now come in handy, as she lost hers, but this is now the second thing I’ve given my mom that was pet-specific, and the second time something has happened to that pet. Mamala says it’s okay to send presents to all of the pets, but not to single one out.

Trust me—I promise to never do that again.

Thanks very much to all of you who sent well-wishings for Izzy's safe return this week. It was so thoughtful and kind, and saying my family appreciated it doesn't even begin to cover it.


Mr. Puggle said...

happy dance! happy dance! so your bro the stud did it! girl, you better post another stud with a pug and play the lotto with your OCD pattern thingy you got going on.

so studs with pugs-good
sending da ma dog stuffs-bad

SO happy for your family! Oh my, what is that? There must be happy dust at my computer station this evening! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Izzy finally decided to end her adventure and come home! I'm so happy for your mom. :-)

I left a present for you on my blog!

Sniffs and licks,