Friday, April 24, 2009

As if introducing me to Torrontes wasn't enough...

Over the weekend I discovered yet another reason why The Curious Grape in Arlington, VA, is the best wine store around: they allow dogs!

And not only do they allow dogs, they luuuurrrve dogs. They said they have regular four-legged visitors and keep cookies at the counter.

We brought Alice in Tuesday night, and they were so nice to her. They told her that she was beautiful, and one of the employees bent down to say hi and Alice jumped all over her. I've never seen Alice respond like that to a stranger-- she's typically very timid. We were actually kind of embarrassed, but fortunately the woman was a huge dog person and loved it.

I love going to stores that allow dogs-- I'll very admittedly shop at them more frequently because of it. And I love seeing how Alice reacts in them. She's pretty normal at her Dog Store, but she always gives me this funny look when we go into "people" shops. An expression that clearly says, "Should I really be in here, human?"

Alice was really funny in the wine shop-- I got the distinct impression that she was leading us around. She must've thought it smelled interesting.

And for the record, Alice likes the Unusual Reds section.


Nibbles Treats said...

Alice is a wine girl. How nice!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Michael Burton said...
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Anne said...

Bean is a Merlot guy, but is very curious about all alcoholic beverages. I wish we had more stores here that would allow Bean to come too!