Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dog Massage.

A few months after we got Alice, I decided to give her a dog massage. It wasn't anything huge, just rubbing a little harder than petting. She had no idea what I was trying to do to her and ran away.

Over time, she got more and more used to it, and even began to enjoy herself. It got to be a nice little bonding time between us-- she gets a good rub-down, and I get to watch her melt into her funny little massage face.

I hadn't given her one in a while, and then a few mornings ago, right after I pulled out my yoga mat, I gave her one. Now when she hears the mat come out, she comes trotting out of the bedroom, stretches out and puts her front toes on the edge of my mat, and demands a massage. If I don't give it to her right away (or if it doesn't last long enough), she actually brushes my face with her hand. Wednesday night, while I was sitting at the kitchen counter, she jumped the three feet up into my lap, just to get one. She sat like a little human on her rear, with her belly sticking out, her feet splayed, and a far-away smile on her face.

My question is, do any of your dogs request massages? Or have any of you gone to a Doga class? A local yoga studio that I like is having a special doga class in December and I'm thinking about taking Alice to it.


Ariel said...

Human Granny says we really need to think about this one. Might be Great for me to get rid of some of my energy. BOL! Looks calming to me. No I don't ask for massages the humans around here just give them to me. Snicker, Snicker!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

Ruby's Other Momma said...

WOW Alice! That really looks like something fun and relaxing to do with your human. My Grandma has never done yoga before and we would probably end up twisted like a pretzel.

I don't really like being touched much but I do love it when my grandma massages my face and between my eyes and even when she plays with my ears is ok too, just please don't touch my belly or my back or I will run off.

I hope your human decides to take you so you can tell us all about it!