Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Alice can be a little troublesome. She plays with her tennis balls and kicks them under the furniture, then tries to squish herself under it to get them out. Only rarely is she successful.

We've noticed that lately she's had scratches on her scars, likely from the squishings. Sometimes they're small, other times they're bigger. This weekend, I noticed her scars were really scratched up-- to the point where I'm going to take her to the vet if they don't clear up.

We think what's happening is that they're getting scratched, and then she's scratching them because they're itchy as they heal. When I picked Alice up from the shelter and brought her home, the staff recommended putting bacitracin on her spots if they got itchy. I've done that, but I always worry that I'm going to poison her (because of course she has to lick the goo).

I've also tried coconut oil. but that's extra dumb-- this little girl will do anything for coconut. "Here, let me rub delicious dessert all over your side. Now, resist the urge to spend hours licking it off."

I've recently been trying to use lip balm (like Chapstick), since it's made to go near mouths, has an SPF, and is wicked easy to apply-- plus it's not as tasty as coconut. I'm just not sure it's working that well, though.

Anyone else run into this problem, or find a good topical product that will heal cuts but won't kill her in the process?

Mamala mentioned Musher's Secret-- I'd completely forgotten she sent me some last winter until yesterday. I slathered it on Alice's scars last night and they're already doing substantially better. This might be the miracle cure!


Mr. Puggle said...

oh poor alice. btw, i spit my coffee out when her page loaded with her new Wendy's look. SO funny. when MP got his ear bit we used bacatration too. but he couldn't lick it. i don't have any advice for you other than the dreaded cone. sorry to hear about your scary commute and glad you are okay.

Ariel said...

BOL! Alice is that you? I was like Mr. Puggle I love the Wendy's look. My human Papa puts vaseline on all my cuts and dry feet. Hope this helps. Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

mamala said...

I agree, Vaseline is the best treatment for scars- at least for humans. Since it has no scent or smell she probably won't want to eat it. Did you try the Musher's Secret on them? Poor Alice. You look adorable in your Pippi wig! Now all you need are some long stockings!