Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a Happy Friday!

This week has been extra, extra busy. My beloved boss' last day is today, and there's been a lot of last-minute scurrying to make sure we have everything under control (as well as thinking of ways to convince her that she really doesn't want that super great new job she got). It's been seriously cutting into my blogging time, but fortunately, it hasn't been impacting the number of good things this week. I have many to share this week!

1. Did you hear the story about the six-year-old girl with terminal brain cancer that left notes to her family stashed around the house? Her family started finding them after she passed away, and they turned them into a book. If this doesn't touch you, you're a freaking robot and need your battery pack changed. What a beautiful little soul.

2. I adore
this photo and blog entry-- and even the comments people are leaving. This is a recently-rescued pit bull who's found his best friend. If this doesn't make you smile, seriously-- your battery pack is low.

3. This picture:

This is my new happy place. Last Sunday, The Human Male and I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10K-- both of our first race. This is the view after you cross the finish line. The course was very neat-- it started at the Smithsonian, ran onto the highway past the Jefferson Memorial and into Virginia, past the Pentagon, through one of the neighborhoods, onto another highway, and ended at the Iwo Jima Memorial. Marines lined up in pockets along the route and high-fived runners. Friends of runners and complete strangers sat along the route and cheered. A kid played the Rocky theme on his trumpet from one of the overpasses. It was very hard, but completely worth it. And we also got medals!

I have a new-found respect for marathoners. Our run challenging, especially the last 0.2 miles-- it was up a very steep, tight exit ramp. I nearly walked it, and I can't imagine how daunting that must've been after 26 miles! I seriously would've quit or crawled up it. Marathoners might be robots, too...

4. So many people have voted for Alice! Thank you so much! I really appreciate everyone going over and clicking for her. It's been really fun to watch so many people rally around sweet little pets in costumes.

What are your good things for the week?


Ariel said...

Aww! Great story Alice about the Little Girl. Human Granny is going to buy the book when she finds it. Thanks for sharing. I love your medal Great Job! Yes we voted for you. I got a black eye yesterday so I am taking it easy today. I am going to be a LadyBug for Howellloween this year. Party tomorrow at 1:00p Downtown so be on the lookout for pics. Have a Barking Great Howellloween and stay safe.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

Mr. Puggle said...

congrats on the run! sounds so patriotic.

glad alice got lots of votes. the site would only let me vote one per computer.

hope you get to relax this weekend.