Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Okay, so I loved how everyone shared their "Moments of Zen" last week. I've decided that sharing something that made you happy this week is an awesome way to close out the week and start the weekend-- so let's do it again!

Here's something that made my day this week. I saw this ad yesterday and it cracked me up (just a note, there's a noise glitch 8 seconds in-- don't freak out!):

I will unabashedly admit that this would completely work on me. Pug on a sailboat? Are you taking applications for the "Mother of my Children" position?


Mr. Puggle said...

funny commercial. my cousin borrows his lil cute blue eyed nephew...and it works!

Ariel said...

BOL! Thanks for sharing this loved it and human Granny did too!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

mamala said...

I love this commercial! But do wonder where the little puggy's life jacket and sailor hat are?
My moment of Zen this week was after cleaning out some clothes to give to Goodwill, I found my beloved Nap- Nap coverall. It had been boxed up for years. Put them on and had my morning cup of coffee on Saturday... soooo comfy- especially with a pug and little chihuahua on my lap!